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Buying an Oculus Quest 2? (Facebook and Other Hidden Costs)

The Oculus Quest 2 is undeniably the best consumer VR headset in the current market. The all-in-one headset is priced at a reasonable $299 for the base model and does not require an expensive PC to use. This is equivalent to buying a new game console. Oculus has done a fantastic job creating hardware, software, and an ecosystem that is self-contained yet flexible to work with other stores, like Steam. It has arguably saved the VR industry, pushing it from declining obscurity to a stable niche. The numbers speak for…

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Halo Infinite Tech Preview: Refining the Halo Multiplayer Experience

Halo Infinite is set to release this holiday season. This leaves about 4 months to fine-tune the game before it launches. The developing team at 343 Industries is now ready to receive feedback from the Halo fanbase.  They will let players get a taste of Halo multiplayer in the form of a technical preview, that goes live from July 29th until August 2nd.  This preview will allow players to access several aspects of the free to play multiplayer experience, which in turn will contribute to the collection of data to…

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He-Man and Battle Cat from Masters of the Universe Revalation Uncategorized 

Masters of the Universe: Revelation: Why Some Fans Hated it (But I Didn’t)

Masters of the Universe: Revelation is the newest Netflix entry in the He-Man mythos. Written by director Kevin Smith, it promised to build off of the events of the original cartoon. Rather than seek to retell them entirely, like Noelle Stevenson’s She-ra. However, when the five-episode season premiered, it was met with a great deal of controversy. There was a fairly significant divide in critic and audience opinion, with critics liking it and fans hating it. Personally, I liked it a great deal, for some of the very same reasons…

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Before Your Eyes Poster Indie Games 

Before Your Eyes: Don’t Refund this Indie Gem

Before Your Eyes is a short experience for a game. A single playthrough is roughly an hour-and-a-half, a blink of an eye when compared to an average video game. In an industry dominated by 20-50 hour epics, roguelikes with infinite replay value, and indie games costing less than the price of a movie ticket, Before Your Eyes might seem overpriced at $9.99.  Yet, this does not mean that Before Your Eyes shouldn’t be enjoyed and the creators properly compensated. The team behind the game, GoodbyeWorld Games, is a small independent…

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Stardew Valley Mods: The Best For Beginners

The world of Stardew Valley mods can be intimidating for players new to the game. First thing’s first: as of now, the only version of the game that can be modded is for PC – sorry those of you who play Stardew on other platforms. I play both the PC and Switch versions. I am an avid user of mods for PC. A lot of the ones I use change the game significantly as I’ve been playing for a long time. However, recently one of my friends purchased the game.…

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Chilling Reign: the Most Popular Cards

Chilling Reign is the latest set of the Pokémon Trading Card Game (Pokémon TCG). It’s part of the Sword and Shield series and includes several Pokémon from The Crown Tundra DLC, such as Calyrex, Glacier and Spectrier.  It also includes the Galarian versions of the legendary birds of generation 1: Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres.  Roughly a month has passed since the release of this set, which is enough time to know what cards hold more value.  The popularity of Pokémon cards depends mainly in three factors: the Pokémon (the more…

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D&D Indie Games Tabletop 

Rich Oxenham: The Face Behind Inspirisles

Rich Oxenham is an up and coming TTRPG creator with a bounty of stories to tell. His first game, Inspirisles, was fully funded within the first 10 hours of its release on Kickstarter back in August of 2020. But just who is this man, and why should you care about him? We begin in Cornwall, England, in an attic which is supposedly haunted by the ghost of a young boy.  A group of friends sit beneath these eaves. They do not know what they are about to witness, the beginning…

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Genshin Impact Patch 2.0: What Not to Miss, from New Character Banners, Events, and More

The long awaited Genshin Impact Patch 2.0 update, “The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia”, is finally out. Players now find themselves whisked away from Liyue to the Japan-inspired region of Inazuma. It is here that the story continues as the Traveler seeks out the Electro Archon for more answers. Similar to the 1.3 patch event that came out several months back, new character banners and numerous events celebrating Inazuma’s release are open for a limited time to players across all devices. Here’s what to look forward to as Mihoyo prepares…

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Movies/TV Retro 

Netflix Castlevania vs Captain N: How Video Game Adaptations Have Grown Over Time

The Netflix Castlevania series produced by Studio Powerhouse is the Bentley of video game adaptations. It’s got great animation, an all star cast, and a fantastic screenplay. Even people who’d never played the games were able to watch and enjoy it. In it’s wake many other similar projects were green lit. For example: The Witcher tv series (although those were books first), and Amazon’s upcoming Fallout TV series. However, until recently it was hard to think of a video game adaptation that was profitable or even good. So, what had…

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VR Nausea Is the Worst (And How to Beat It)

VR nausea or sickness can be an immediate hurdle for those looking to jump into the experience. While some people can jump right in and play the most intense games like Sairento and Boneworks, many new players are often prone to nausea. For those who get motion sickness easily, this can a roadblock to enjoying everything that the VR library has to offer.  However, this nausea is similar to seasickness. Much like how pirates have to improve their “sea-legs”, VR users have to spend some time gaining their VR legs.…

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