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Three Alternative DnD Magic Systems

Presenting three alternative DnD magic systems that can minimize the current system’s “restrictive” nature: The current DnD magic system is iconic to the overall game. There is a love and attention to the mechanics and lore of each spell. The game does a great job emulating the feel of magic, something that we in our world can only simulate through imagination.  While it is indeed classic, the current system does have several problems. In my opinion, there is a restrictive element to the way spellcasting works. Many people are not…

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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night — a No-Nostalgia Review

I’d always heard growing up that Castlevania Symphony of the Night was one of the best games in the series. When I started getting into the series in high school, the first game I played was Castlevania III: Curse of Dracula. It absolutely kicked my butt and put me off Castlevania for a bit. Then in college I played Super Castlevania IV for the first time and absolutely loved it. I’ve even started a tradition of playing through the game every year on Halloween. I also love Metroidvania-style games, both…

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DnD Crafting: Ten Ways to Bring Handmade Crafts to Your Game

Crafting items isn’t just something you can do in-game. DnD crafting can happen in real life, at your gaming table. Crafting has always been a part of my life, and when I became the dungeon master for a group of my friends, I already knew that running the game would give me a chance to combine some of my favorite hobbies. It’s obvious that DMing takes creativity. Storytelling itself is a skill, and DMing offers so many other juicy opportunities to satisfy your crafty side no matter your flavor. There…

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RPG Character Artist Spotlight: Lee Fowler

This installment of Drippit’s RPG Character Artist Spotlight focuses on the brilliant work of Lee Fowler. Her creations — brimming with personality — virtually leap off the page and into your heart. Many role play gamers know the feeling of scrolling through the internet in desperate search of the right image to represent a shiny new character. As mere mortals, we can usually unearth something “good enough.” But deep down we still harbor a desire to see our character brought to life exactly as we imagined them. This is when…

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TTRPGS For Beginners: FATE is great!

The following article is part of a series written by staff writer Josh Lee showcasing different TTRPGs for beginners. When it comes to TTRPGs for beginners, some can seem quite intimidating to the uninitiated. Many people like the idea of high drama and adventure. However, they can’t seem to wrap their heads around all of the potential rules. After all, 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons has dozens of official books, not to mention third-party content that can make the experience seem daunting. This series highlights games that are great for…

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How To Become a Dungeon Master (it’s not as hard as you think)

You have fallen in love with Dungeons and Dragons. But how to become a dungeon master — those seemingly all-knowing wizards that run the show? Well, we have news for you. It is much easier than you may think. Falling in love with DnD Dungeons and Dragons seems to be everywhere nowadays. Maybe you were given a polite shove in the direction of a DnD stream such as Critical Role, High Rollers, Acquisitions Incorporated or one of the other brilliant ones out there. Or maybe the Netflix series Stranger Things…

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How to Make Your Own DnD Character Sheet

Your DnD character sheet is extremely important to your Dungeons and Dragons experience. Even though I have been doing my roleplaying online due to the quarantine, I still prefer a physical character sheet. But who makes the best one? I do! Most pre-set, physical DnD character sheets tend to have a usability issue. They are not always formatted in a way that is easy to read. For someone with attention problems, character sheets can be an overwhelming hodgepodge of different information and subsystems. In addition, the official DnD character sheet doesn’t…

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How to Increase Player Immersion in Virtual DnD

For many dungeon masters forced to move online in the wake of the pandemic, keeping their players engaged in a campaign can be a challenge. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to increase player immersion in virtual DnD. And I discovered it is definitely possible — with a little hard work on both sides. Moments can still be crafted into masterpieces, and character sheets can walk on two legs! Two years ago, nobody could have predicted that DMs would need to be proficient in Zoom, Roll20, Discord,…

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How to Deal With a DnD Power Gamer

Most likely, as either a player or dungeon master, you will eventually be faced with the question: How do you deal with a DnD power gamer? I’m sure I’m not the only one who has experienced the power gamer, the min-maxer, the optimizer. These are the master utilizers of the DnD system, and they can be fun and inspirational to play with. Or they cause real problems for both the DM and the other players. At the table with a power gamer It’s never fun when a DnD power gamer…

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TTRPGs for Beginners: The Black Hack (D&D without the math)

The following article is part of a series by staff writer Josh Lee showcasing different TTRPGs for beginners. Tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs) can seem quite intimidating to the uninitiated. I have talked to many people who like the idea of the high drama and adventure. However, they can’t seem to wrap their heads around all of the potential rules. For example, when it comes to TTRPGs for beginners, 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons has dozens of official books — not to mention third party content that can make the experience…

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